Any franchise tag candidates for Saints?

The new league year is almost here.

What will the Saints do?

Will anyone get franchise tagged?

We discuss.

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  1. I don’t understand how he’s a 20 INT guy when he was on pace last year to throw like EIGHT interceptions for the whole seasons before he got hurt.
    He has this one outlier year where he threw 30, in a new system with a new head coach who said “No risk it, no biscuit” and he risked it and it went badly, but in his 4 other seasons he threw he never hit 20 once and he’s had two years of being on the Saints, two years of Payton and Carmichael in his ear, one of following and learning from Drew Brees, a guy who had been a pretty high INT guy and learned to be a pretty low INT guy.
    I just don’t know what the case is that he’s gonna suddenly be at his career-worst again.

  2. And I still think at least one other team is gonna make a move for Winston.
    We’re gonna have to be willing to pay for him.

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