Analyzing the Saints’ first 53-man roster: What looks good, needs work and stands out

The Saints’ first roster of the season carries promise.

The high-end talent still pops off the page, like it always has. There are stars at several high-value positions, and the questions and concerns at some others aren’t as pronounced as they once seemed. Linebacker looks like a position of strength, and Marquez Callaway has quelled at least some of the worry at wide receiver.

The middle of the roster is where things get a little shakier. The quality depth isn’t the same as in previous years, and you can already see how that is playing out at defensive tackle. The team also only has three cornerbacks right now.

There is some work to do. And that work will get done, but overall, this still feels like a team that can compete and win games.

These are our thoughts on the first roster of the season:

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