A look at how the Saints have used wildcat plays the last three seasons, and how those plays could fit into offense now

The play comes and goes and then comes again.

Each time the Saints run a wildcat play, it sparks imagination and wonderment. When will Sean Payton use it next? Is a wildcat package coming? How would it co-exist and integrate with how the team uses Taysom Hill? Could Kamara throw a pass? But nothing much ever comes of it, and the wildcat package gets caged until it randomly shows up weeks later.

There is a reason the Saints show these plays, and at some point, you have to think the offense will unveil a handful of wildcat plays and catch a defense by surprise. The hint has been there since 2018, and perhaps it is a bluff to make defenses prepare for something that's never more than a random play here and there. But this could be the next wrinkle for an offense that already gives most defenses more than they can handle.

So, what has the wildcat package looked like before, and what could it become?

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