How Deonte Harris can become a bigger playmaker on offense

At some point during every broadcast last season, after the booth was done comparing Taysom Hill to Steve Young, one of the announcers would comment on how the Saints could turn Deonte Harris into a dynamic playmaker like Tyreek Hill.

One might suspect these comments were coming straight to your television from the weekly production meetings networks have with members of the team and coaching staff before games. Even if not, even if those comments were Joe Buck's unique thoughts that just happened to be shared by the other broadcast teams, the comparison makes sense given that both players are dynamic playmakers who can make things happen with the ball in their hands.

Even though Harris is only 5-foot-6, he has untapped potential as a wide receiver and showed growth in this role last season. Now, to keep it going, he is going to have to show that he is the outlier among players his size.

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